Vumo Flex

Easiness of movement and comfort in standing

Anatomic clogs from the FLEX program, characterized by specially created flexible insole made from the combination of high-quality rubber and beech wood, that enables easy movement.

Clogs do not have to be rigid anymore! Thanks to the rubber filler located in the area where feet flex during walking, traditionally rigid anatomic clogs acquire softness. The foundation is made from beech wood and the lower part is coated by micro-rubber. Thanks to these characteristics and rubber filler, FLEX clogs are ideal for those who spend a long time standing or have to walk a lot.

Anatomically produced foundation will provide full relaxation to spine and ankles and leave an impression that tiring jobs can also be relaxing if you are wearing FLEX clogs. Upper part of the clogs is made from finely curried natural leather, with open slot for ventilation and enforced part to support arch.

Natural materials and flexible anatomic foundation connect health and comfort in the best way, and that is what your spine and legs need for the long hours of standing and walking.

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